Vita raised gardens are made from carefully selected materials.  Chosen for beauty, longevity and safety.  

They're safe on the environment and for the food we grow.

Timeless.  Classic.  Modern.


Our aluminum is grade 6063 Alloy for durability, longevity and beauty.  Once known as a precious metal, aluminum is highly recyclable and extremely durable.  

Combining aluminum and composite creates the perfect synergy for our Urban gardens.

Food safe and BPA-free.


Our white polymer consist of a food grade polymer that's both BPA-free and phthalate-free.  

You can be sure that your garden is safe for growing vegetables for your family and ours.

Wood look and feel.


Our composite boards are a blend of food-grade BPA-free polymer along with a recycled organic wood fiber.  

This product is extruded, then brushed to offer a wood-grain appearance both visually and to the touch.

Complete with a 10 year warranty you'll never guess this material isn't natural wood.

The standard of durability.


If your products contain fasteners (many require none) they will be made from AISI 304 (SUS 304) grade stainless steel.

Our stainless steel will not corrode and does not effect the soil of your garden.