Grow organic food - anywhere in the world.

Introducing the World Garden.  The first indoor / outdoor self-watering, expandable, movable, urban designer garden that helps you grow food 365 days a year.

Backyard not required.


80% of people live in urban environments

2414 km

2414 KM - the distance the average meal travels


Up to 50% of all food spoils in transit

Take control of your food supply and grow your own right inside your home.   

Farm to table has never been easier.




The World Garden is designed around you.


Add a light kit to grow food indoors in the winter.  

Grow micro-greens quickly and easily.  Designed to fit a standard 10 x 20 grow tray.



Universal Garden Planning.

Braille coordinates are built into the body of the World Garden.  Garden planning for all.


The World Garden has lockable castors for both indoor and outdoor growing.


The Keyhole Garden has a special compost basket in the center of your Keyhole Garden.  The Basket is where you can put your compostable daily kitchen scraps.


This can reduce your household waste by up to 35%! And as your kitchen scraps turn to compost, the nutrients feed the growing vegetables as a natural plant food and in turn reduce greenhouse gasses.


The Keyhole Garden allows you to grow foods in a tighter area.  By planting vegetables in 12″ x 12″ (300 mm x 300 mm) mini plots in a circle (rather than rows like a regular garden).

As the plants grow they will naturally form a canopy to help suppress moisture evaporation.

The Keyhole Garden


I couldn't believe it when I first read it - so I had to try it for myself.


We stumbled across the idea about 2 years ago researching ways to garden and reduce water.  The concept looked fascinating and too-good-to-be-true. Reduce your water.  Grow more.  Compost in the same vessel.  I had to try it.


I built our Keyhole garden together in July in one of the coldest Canadian sun-less summers I could recall.  Immediately the layers of yard waste began to compost creating a rich warm environment for our new vegetables to thrive.


The vegetables overtook the garden, as the summer grew on.  At the end of only 3 months, we tore apart the garden and to our surprise all of the yard waste we had used had turned to beautiful rich black compost.

Soon we found ourselves cracking open the sun-baked Rwandan soil.


We felt that the Keyhole Garden design was a free gift from the African gardeners.  So we decided as a company that we would give back to the same people who gave us the idea.  So we embarked on partnering with the Kageyo Garden Project in hopes to build 500 Keyhole Gardens in the village of Kageyo, Rwanda.


In July of 2015 I found myself hopping on a plane flying 21 hours half way around the world to meet some of my new Rwandan friends.  We built only 10 gardens that week, but we employed a team of Rwandans on the ground to build gardens while we are gone.  Not only that, but they're training, trouble shooting and maintaining the gardens on a continual basis.

Coming soon

Coming soon

Raise your garden expectations

Raise your garden expectations

Gardening freedom

Gardening freedom

Garden + Compost = Genius

Garden + Compost = Genius

Lure all the right beneficials

Lure all the right beneficials