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14th Annual Charity Garage Sale!

This year we were once again excited for our 14th Annual Charity Garage Sale! Where all our returned products are rigorously checked and sold at 75% off and we give all of the proceeds to local charities suggested by each of our employees.

We are pleased to announce that this year we raised $27,500 (after expenses). Incredible! We will have some additional dollars raised through another round of online auctions, however, we’ll add those proceeds to next year’s sale.

Our donations are going to make a real difference in our community. Thanks again to all of those who helped make the sale such a success! (especially our volunteers) Well done, team!!! Each employee will have $1800 available to donate to the charity of their choice. Employees can also split their $1800, if they wish to donate to more than one charity.

Stay tuned for stories from our employees on how they decided to donate their charitable funds.