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3rd World Problems

We have been building gardens for the last 4 days and it’s funny how we’re starting to get a following of super-fans each day. Faces are recognizable and it it doesn’t take long to see the different personalities and traits. Some are leaders. Some are followers. Some are stinkers. Some are firecrackers. Some are clowns. 
One particular boy who always hangs around is one with a permanent smile on his face. I first noticed him on day 1 when he was laying on the ground with a dozen kids standing around him. One of the team members said ‘hey there’s a sick boy laying down there’. This boy was having a seizure which lasted about 3 minutes long. 
He then got up and walked around and returned to watching us work. 
He was smart. Really smart. He knew English. “Whaat ees your name?” he would ask. “my name is Eddie. What is your name?”. “My name is Tummayine”. (Pronounced Toomyeehnee).
Tummayine had epilepsy and it was getting worse. When it first showed up he was #2 in his class for marks. He is a smart kid. Because the school didn’t have resources to deal with his special needs, he was removed from school. You can tell he is a natural leader as all of the younger kids follow him. He has lots of friends and the school lets him play with all the students. 
The tragedy to all of this is that with epilepsy is treatable but the community and family lacks the resources to be able to properly treat him. 
Something like this could be taken care of quite easily in Canada. 
It’s not hopeless for Tummayine. The community of Kageyo is rebuilding. Getting healthier. Economy is building and with all of that will come more help for all. 
Brighter days are coming for Kageyo.