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Canadian Hard Cider – Intro

Fall comes quickly here in Canada, and as the season changes as does the produce.  Gorgeous squash of all shapes, sizes and colors appear in the fields along with pumpkins.  Spicy scents of fallen leaves, pine cones and acorns fill the morning air.  High school football is well into it’s season and the colours of the maple trees change from green to shades of orange, crimson and yellow.  It’s truly a wonderful time of the year.

Many fall fairs take place over weekends, and the local orchards bring out their fresh pressed apple cider to the markets to sell.

We thought it would be a great time to make our own Canadian Hard Cider from local apples.  Cider is a delicious fall libation that lifts the spirits and warms the tummy.  It’s perfect sipping drink in the evenings on the porch or while watching Sunday football.

So enjoy the journey – right here in the office – of us making our first Canadian Hard Cider.