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Do small things with great love

Lots of people reflect more at the beginning of the New Year, it seems only natural: a fresh start, a blank page on which the year’s adventures are yet to be writ. While I am usually pretty introspective, I find myself more so at the beginning of this New Year.  Personally, 2016 is a year that holds great promise:  I have my dream job, and it seems that we at Vita are just coming to the top of the ski lift for our first ‘run’; it’s an exciting time.


Sometimes, for a plethora of reasons, it seems like you will never get to a certain place, a certain milestone,  a certain dream…  lots of these reasons are beyond one’s control: physical things, family issues, economic reasons, location reasons-  a million reasons probably, for people  to throw their conjecture around about why you won’t get there.


I’d like to introduce you to Ian:















Ian lives in Haiti. His mum died when he was a baby. His father left him. He lives with an aunt who cannot afford to send him to school.

Seeing him made me want to cry.

We sponsored him late last year.


Recently we received an updated photo of little Ian at school.



Seeing him made me want to cry.


Ian can get there.  The certain milestone. The certain dream.

We all can.

Especially if we take time to notice one another, to help.


The organization Ian is sponsored through is called Hearts together for Haiti. 100% of sponsorship money goes to pay for the basic expenses of your sponsored individual.  Visit their website for more information.