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How the Keyhole Gardens – Rwanda project idea happened.

So how does this ‘Keyhole Garden Project’ really play out?  Well, it’s an interesting chain of events.

Last summer, we discovered this unique gardening technique called Keyhole Gardening.  This garden is a unique combination of both composting and growing.  It is especially effective in areas of drought and poor soil conditions.  What makes this garden bed unique is the fact that you can compost and grow in one container rather than having separate devices for either.

What many people don’t realize is that: in North America we’re also experiencing drought-like conditions in places like the Midwest and California.

We decided to make a kit for North America out of the concept and it has become an incredible success story.  But since we received the idea from Africa – we decided it would be appropriate to in some way return the favor and contribute back to where the idea originated.

My family currently sponsors two children through an organization called Africa New Life who have a successful school and food program already in Kigali, Rwanda.  They immediately came to mind and I gave them a call to see if there was a fit.

I spoke to Alan from the US office, and surprisingly indicated that there was also a team of men from Austin, Texas with a very similar idea and mission.  Two independent ideas around the same time.

So Africa New Life connected me with Craig Haley from Austin Texas – and we both discovered how timely the conversation seemed to be.

Myself and Craig’s team are going to be meeting together in Rwanda in July 2015 to start the process of building 100 Keyhole Gardens in Africa.  Here’s Craig’s web page and video on the overall concept.

Every 4 African Keyhole Gardens sold, builds one Keyhole Garden in a Kageyo African Community looking to grow healthy vegetables.


Kageyo Rwanda Keyhole Garden Plan
Kageyo Rwanda Keyhole Garden Plan