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How to get 2.5 lbs of broccoli in 2 oz.

Although it’s weeks away to harvest time and tasting vegetables from your garden, you can reward yourself sooner by growing your very own vitamin enriched sprouts within a few days.

Sprouts have more vitamins, nutrients and minerals than any other food per calorie. They include vitamin B, C, carotene, niacin and more enzymes per gram than any other food. They can also be used as a vitamin supplement and are known to help protect blood cells and reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease.

We grow our sprouts throughout the year in our kitchen using a hydroponic method. Sprouts have different germination times but most are ready within a few days.

We grow sprouts in a modified mason jars.  We replace the snap cap with screen.

2 oz of broccoli sprouts are equivalent to eating 2.5 lbs of broccoli!

By using a simple 1L mason jar, screen instead of a snap lid, 2 tablespoons of sprout seeds and water, this is as simple as it gets. Although there is no more danger than growing any other raw food, make sure the seeds you are using are identified as seeds for sprouting. Sprouting seeds are more susceptible to bacterial growth for example E coli, therefore you need to control the conditions and procedures and standards carefully.

Start and always use clean and sterile equipment along with a clean surrounding environment. That being said, growing sprouts in your kitchen, you get to control the quality and you have less risk of contamination compared to purchasing them from another source. Some tasty varieties of sprouts are alfalfa, lentils, onions and broccoli. It’s interesting to note that 2 oz broccoli sprouts consumed is equal to a 2.5 lb of broccoli head.  That’s 20X it’s potency!

So enjoy this bounty while you’re waiting for your vegetables to harvest and remember they are healthy, have vitamins, minerals and nutrient values. Sprouts are easy to grow and are great for any culinary addition.