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How To Grow Your Own Delicious (And Nutritious) Garlic At Home

It’s a beautiful cool, fall day and the best time to plant garlic. Garlic is a member of the allium family and related to onions, leeks, chives and shallots, just to name a few.

We plant hardneck garlic which is best for northern gardeners and also produces garlic scapes (the beautiful garlic flowers) early in the summer for our enjoyment. Hardneck garlic is heartier than softneck varieties and produces fewer but larger cloves.

Garlic is very easy to grow. After harvesting garlic, keep the larger bulbs for planting in the fall and keep the smaller cloves for using in your kitchen,

Garlic enjoys deep rich soil. Make sure that, as you plant, you loosen soil with a garden fork and smooth over to make the soil level.

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Break garlic bulbs into individual cloves before planting.
There is no need to peel the cloves. Simply plant 6″ apart and 2″ deep.
Make sure you plant the garlic bulb with the pointed end facing upward! After planting, mulch garlic bed with leaves or straw
to protect the bulbs over the winter.


Note: For crop rotation, alliums (garlic) follow beets (root crop) seen here, that will be harvested at a later date.

Garlic adds fantastic aroma, taste and nutrition to your dishes and has many health benefits!