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How to use 80% less water for your garden

When I was a kid, my grandfather had a garden that he tended regularly.  I remember between he and my mom, they always seemed to be watering that garden – and in the hot summer sun the soil was always dry and powdery.  Of course it was a traditional garden cut into our back yard.

Since I’ve been in the gardening world I have learned the benefits of having a raised garden bed instead of the traditional backyard garden dug into the earth.  The beauty of raised gardens – like the Keyhole Gardenthe water doesn’t tend to drain into the earth.  It is retained inside the bed.

The Keyhole Garden keeps the moisture inside the bed instead of losing it into the earth.

Furthermore, if you plant your garden tightly and grow vegetables together in close proximity, you create a natural canopy which reduces water evaporation from the soil.

Finally – as you are adding your kitchen scraps to the Keyhole basket, these naturally contain moisture which also benefits the garden and your vegetables.

All of this accounts for up to 80% less water consumption.  After your garden has been established, it is not uncommon to go 1 – 2 weeks without watering your Keyhole Garden!  A great garden option for drought prone areas like the American Midwest, and California.  Even places like Australia can benefit.

– Eddie