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How we’re building 100 Gardens in Rwanda

As mentioned before, our goal for 2015 is to build 100 gardens in 2015 for families in Rwanda.  This is a nice target – but how will this really play out?

As you can imagine there’s a pile of work organizing a successful program, and the worst thing we can do is show up, build and leave without a sustainable plan.  We want this program to be successful long term and bring Vita (Latin for ‘life’) to families changing the culture for generations.

We want Vita to make an impact on the human race bringing health and life.

In order to pull off something like this, we’ve teamed up with an organization called Africa New Life.  They’re already situated on the ground in Rwanda and have great connections through the communities.  Here’s our first post of many about bringing Vita to Rwanda with Africa New Life.

“Project Kagayo: 100 Keyhole Gardens in 2015“.

In 2014, following a number of US medical team visits to the community of Kageyo, we decided to enhance our daily school lunch program by providing sustainable nutrition for our students through the creation of large gardens for the school and individual (Keyhole and Vertical) gardens for each family in the area. With the endorsement of our US Medical Council we agreed to partner with Organic4orphans (O4O) to:

• Place an O4O Agronomist in Kageyo in order to establish a sustainable organic gardening program through education, training, and growing crops on our land.
• Introduce nutrient dense vegetables into school lunches and provide education for villagers about how certain nutrients in vegetables can benefit people medically.
• Implement a household garden strategy, empowering every family in the community to grow enough food to sustain themselves and their children.

The most cost effective way to implement and successfully duplicate this project broadly, is to train key volunteers who are leaders in their communities, while providing minimal professional monitoring.

NEXT:  See how we’re actually doing this, and see the phases unfold!