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Kick-starting your growing season.

New Seedling in Spring

Having an adequate sunny space in a dedicated room for propagation (seed starting) along with the right temperature, growing medium and lights, you can get as much as an 8 – 10 week start on your garden seedlings. This week we will be sorting out our brassicas seeds such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and kale, that we saved from last year, followed later in the spring with other varieties of warm season vegetables such as nightshades (tomatoes, peppers and eggplant).

These varieties of vegetables mentioned, you normally wouldn’t direct sow in your garden so we start these seedlings in our propagation grow rooms with the emphasis on the brassica family first. The reason for this is because brassicas are cool season vegetables and they can be hardened off earlier than other varieties of warm season vegetables plugs. You can plant the brassica family prior to the last frost with some help from a constructed polytunnel or cold frame and they don’t seem to mind the cold nights as long as the ground is fit and has warmed up.

TIP: When selecting seeds, the rule of thumb usually is to plant what varieties you like best, most eaten, easiest to grow and maintain. Keep in mind the amount of time and effort you need to maintain this venture and the purpose you want your garden to serve. When choosing the right square metre garden vessel and layout plan, start small and build toward your master garden layout.

This will lead to a much more successful, attractive and rewarding garden for your enjoyment for years to come.


….these are some of the terminologies used in this blog to know and understand

Propagation – process of creating new plants from a variety of sources such as seeds and cuttings etc

Polytunnel –  also known as hoophouse is a elongated frame covered with polyethelene for seedlings to grow

Cold Frame – an unheated outdoor structure made of wood or cement and covered with plastic or glass to protect seedlings

Hardening off – gradually introducing plants to the outdoors to get them adapted to direct sunlight and different temperatures