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Knock, knock, knockin’ on Rwanda’s door…

One of the items required to enter Rwanda is an Entry Visa which allows a visitor to stay and work in the country.  These Visas are usually good for about 30 days and cost a nominal fee.


I thought I’d better get a head-start on the process as it often takes up to a month to get approved.


I had actually applied about 6 weeks ago and just 2 weeks ago I received an email response that indicated my acceptance.  Here’s what it read:  “Kindly download the entry Visa Acceptance Letter and present it to Rwandan immigration officials upon arrival.  Visa fee $30 USD.”


Great news!  Only one problem – no letter was attached in the email.


So I replied back, saying: “Hi there!  Please re-send the Visa Acceptance Letter as it was not attached in the email.”.


No reply.   Re-send email.  No reply.  Re-send email.  No reply.  Re-send email.  No reply.  (Over 2 weeks).


Decided to give up on email, and call the contact phone number that was listed in the email.  Busy signal.  Call again.  Busy signal.  Call again the next day.  Busy signal.


Re-send email.  No reply.  Call again.  Busy signal.  Re-send email.  No reply.  Call again.  Busy signal.


This is no exaggeration or joke.  This series of events took place over 2.5 weeks.


Finally I resorted into attempting to connect on their Facebook Page.  And to my excitement a reply the next day revealed an attachment with my acceptance letter.  So if you ever decide to go through the process, modern social networks seem to be much better than email or phone!

– Eddie