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Making a true difference…

This recent Facebook post has truly made me personally understand how important it is to help people who are less fortunate.

We set out designing a Keyhole Garden kit for North America – and we (and our customers) in a small way to try and give back for the gift of opportunity we have here in North America.  Most of us don’t have a worry about not having a healthy meal tomorrow.  And for most of us, our biggest worry is what restaurant we want to visit at lunch today.

Our friends in Rwanda are beginning to experiencing freedom through their foods that they eat.  Through the Keyhole Garden program, children are now eating much needed greens which will begin to improve their health, well-being and offer some economic stability through growing foods and selling them in marketplaces.

In this common meal typically cooled with all beans, families are beginning to add 50% greens making this meal even tastier and healthier.