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Making Tea

I made tea the other day, and it was straight from the garden. It was good! I had always imagined that you had to dry the leaves out before you could make tea, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it’s possible to make fresh tea, too. It’s also super simple, which is a bonus.

With help and direction from websites like:

How to Make Chamomile Tea with Fresh Flowers


How to Make Mint Tea

I tried it myself. I made two kinds of tea; chamomile and mint. Following the first recipe, I added a bit of mint to the chamomile tea, but only put mint leaves in the mint tea.

Here’s how I did it:




This is the mint and chamomile growing in our garden. I picked what I needed and headed home to make the tea!




Once I got home, I rinsed and picked the leaves/flowers off the stems and put them in a bowl. Then, I filled a tea ball with the ingredients.




I put the kettle on and waited (I used the time to take a whole bunch of pictures)!




Finally, I sat down and enjoyed a lovely cup of tea.


Happy tea-making!