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We build attractive, long lasting products that help people grow vegetables regardless of ability. Every facet of our company has purpose—from the selection of materials to our packaging design. Leading by example, we inspire our customers to help the world around us have access to good, fresh foods.

Our People

Ken Machan

Operations Manager

Part of the senior management at our parent company since 1990 Ken, has a played a major role in this company’s success since day one. Now focusing on operations, Ken is involved in all aspects of Vita Gardens. Esteemed in business and diplomatic and magnanimous as a manager of people, Ken is a huge part of why people love Vita, from customers, dealers and business contacts to employees.

Adam Alix

General Manager

Adam joined the Vita Gardens sales team in the Spring of 2015, bringing with him years of customer service and sales experience. His love for home DIY projects helps him guide customers when they need a helping hand with their installations. In his spare time, Adam enjoys sailing on Lake Huron with his family and keeps busy with raising two little girls.

Alyssa Fisher

Sales Manager

Our resident American, Alyssa came to us at Vita Gardens in early 2013. Starting off in customer service and sales – it soon became apparent that her warmth and ease in which she was able to connect with customers made having Alyssa as our Sales Manager a natural fit. Alyssa enjoys travelling, spending time with her family, and attempting to keep her office plants alive.

Eddie DeJong

Design Team Leader

Eddie’s responsibilities include designing our product's aesthetic and ensuring it is beautiful, functional and safe. He’s all about innovation and creativity throughout Vita designs. Eddie represents Vita to most of our international clients. In his free time, Eddie enjoys restoring his vintage 1954 Land Rover, as well as playing one of his dozen instruments from around the world. He also has a love for stand-up paddle-boarding on Lake Huron, adventurous travelling, and the Green Bay Packers.

Cheryl Carroll


Since joining Vita Gardens in 2002, Cheryl's responsibilities have grown exponentially. The antithesis of all accounting stereotypes, Cheryl handles all of the accounting duties at Vita and assists in many other respects; with vast knowledge of products both current and retired and all aspects of office procedures and the business, Cheryl is integral to our team and a true asset.

Jeremy Harron

Shipping & Warehouse

Originally part of our parent company, Jeremy recognized early on that Vita Gardens was going places and he wanted to get on board. Luckily for Vita, Jeremy is tenacious and has enjoyed the trip. Handling manufacturing, shipping and managing the warehouse employees, Jeremy is a marvel of efficiency. He also has encyclopedic knowledge of all (hundreds!) part codes.

Alan Palmer

Inventory Specialist

Alan Palmer has been working for Vita Gardens since 2000. He is our "go to guy" when we're looking for anything in our 15,000 sq foot warehouse. If its in there, Alan knows where it is! In our office, Alan is famous for his incredible collection of coins and stamps as well as his knowledge of Sarnia's history.

Jim Lankin

Sales & Operations

Jim began working at Vita Gardens in production on the floor in 2005. Because of his hard work and discipline, Jim quickly moved up the ladder. Now he's the first person people see when they enter our office and whether he's busy ordering container loads of inventory, fielding customer installation and parts questions or a myriad of other tasks Jim has an eye for details, a kind word for everyone, and a pair of shorts for all 365 days.

Brian Blevins

Logistics Coordinator

Brian Blevins started working for us in our warehouse in January 2016. He is passionate about a few things: his family (Andrea and his kids: Elyse, Jonah, Grace and Bethany) playing rugby, watching hockey, rugby, football and UFC. Brian credits his relationship with Jesus as the biggest blessing in his life.

Claire McCurdy

Customer Service & Sales

All the way from London England, Claire started in 2014 to help us out in customer service. Claire’s passion for her work and our customers has led the way to her becoming a vital part of the sales team. A Mum of two boys, an immediate friend to everyone she meets, and someone who can whip up a margarita that will make you think you’re in Mexico – we are grateful that she is part of the Vita Gardens team.

Josh Core

Customer Help Desk & Sales

Josh brings a wealth of practical experience to the Customer Help Desk, having worked in our warehouse for 3 years. His hands-on knowledge of our products and their assembly makes him the perfect fit as the first one to pick up the phone when you call in with a question or a concern. In his spare time, Josh enjoys helping on the family horse farm and playing golf with his friends.

Cassie Walker

Customer Service

When Cassie joined Vita Gardens in 2012, she originally intended to stay a short time in a temporary position; However, she did so well, enjoyed the office culture (and didn’t object to being called ‘Casey’) that she decided to become a permanent member of our team. Cassie has unbelievable attention to detail and takes care of all intrinsic dealer setup.

John D Hollingsworth

Customer Service

John D Hollingsworth is a lifelong student of marketing. He has been married to his beautiful wife since 1993 and has 3 great kids. In his spare time, John likes public speaking and travelling with his improv comedy troupe.

Erin McRae

Customer Service

Erin joined the team in September of 2017. She has a long standing career in Customer Service and loves to help people in any way she can. She, her husband and two girls love the outdoors in the garden, especially during the summer where they often enjoy the water on beautiful Lake Huron. She's passionate about her family, enjoys her hobby farm and country living.

Our Company

Vita is a small company that grew out of the desire to grow foods for our own families. We’re frustrated by the fact that foods that we purchase in the grocery store are not as healthy as we once thought they were. Many of these foods have travelled literally hundreds of miles and are laden with harmful pesticides. Many of these vegetables have far less nutrients than they did 30 years ago.

This is negatively affecting the world as well as our personal lives. We want to grow sustainable healthy foods for ourselves and want to inspire you to as well.

For us at Vita, a love for personal sustainability demands that we also look outside of our personal lives and help ones around us locally, nationally and globally.

We support food banks locally and across the nation encouraging and assisting them to grow their own vegetables. We also help communities globally. Through our philanthropic efforts we partnering with organizations to help families have access to good, fresh, foods.

At Vita we have a love for designing beautiful and functional things that help us become holistically healthier in every way.

All of the products we create are conscious of this fact including their environmental impact. We realize that conducting business – from lighting our office to running our computers – produces waste as a by-product. So we work steadily to reduce those harms. We use BPA-free and food-grade materials rather than less costly alternatives.

Our values reflect those of a business started by people conscious of sustainability, and the minimalist style we live and appreciate. The approach we take towards product design demonstrates a bias for simplicity and utility.

Staying true to our core values has helped us create a company we’re proud to run and work for. And our focus on making the best products possible has brought us success in the marketplace.

We wear our hearts on our sleeves.

We want to inspire you through our own actions to make positive steps to sustainability so you can grow, give and share.

See how we give back