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Peter’s New Glasses

I met Peter at a home visit today. As the bus was waiting, I took a walk down the road. I met an elderly lady with a colourful dress and one of my friends with me tried to start up a conversation. 
After fumbling around the few Kenyarwandan words we knew, an older gentleman came out being supported by two homemade wooden crutches. His name was Peter. Our translator spoke with him and found out that he had recently fallen and broken his leg. 
His eyes were very yellow and he looked tired. I asked him his age. “I am 90!”, he said with a look of pride. 
Now I haven’t seen a whole lot of 90 year old people but the ones I have met didn’t look as good as this fellow. I asked the translator to find out how his eyesight was. “Not very good”, he said. 
“Here, try these”, I said as I gave him my pair of prescription glasses. His eyebrows raised a little bit and told my translator “yes, that’s better!”. I said to him “they’re yours”, I said. Then he said something that I would never expect a 90 year old African man to say. “Thank you, they are very cool!”  
I have to admit this wasn’t entirely spontaneous. I brought some old glasses along just for that purpose and I was looking  all week to find the right person to give them to. 
This man has seen a lot of tragic things happen in Africa over his 90 years. But hopefully these glasses will help him see brighter days in his future.
– Eddie