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4×4 Keyhole with Garden Rack and Greenhouse


Expand your growing possibilities!

With one gardening tool, you can:

  • Plant your seedlings earlier
  • Harvest your vegetables later in the season
  • Cultivate tomatoes easily
  • Raise peas, beans and other climbers
  • Enjoy your hanging baskets
  • Compost all of your kitchen scraps
  • Create your own fertile soil
  • Store your tools and potting soil

Expand your growing season!

Now that you have more control over unpredictable weather, you can finally enjoy your garden the way you always wanted to with the 3 season greenhouse.

The included trellis will support your peppers, beans, peas or cucumbers. And the entire set is designed to fit into any backyard, no matter the size!

The trellis and two shelves can be installed on any side of the frame allowing you to customize the garden to your needs and space.

The compost basket will let you skip the compost bin (and all that nasty shovelling) and compost your kitchen scraps directly in your garden bed!

Like options? You’ll love this garden bed KIT!

Like a micro greenhouse, this kit is designed to give you as many options as you need to grow delicious and nutritious fresh fruit and vegetables.

  • Use just the wood frame for your climbers such as peppers, beans and peas
  • Add the polypropylene cover to attract sunlight and keep the heat and moisture in
  • Control the exact amount of heat and moisture by opening or closing any of the 6 zippered vents


  • High quality, removable greenhouse cover
  • 6 separate, zippered vents
  • Greenhouse color: Black
  • Solid cedar frame made from FSC approved wood
  • Stainless steel hardware, and HD screwdriver included
  • Refer to assembly manual for line drawings



Item Code: VT17122
Outside Footprint: 48″ x 48″ x 78″ (122 cm x 122 cm x 198 cm)
Material: Raised bed: food grade BPA-free, phthalate-free polymer. Greenhouse: FSC-certified cedar
Warranty: Raised bed: Will not rot, crack, warp or turn yellow in the sun for 20 years. Greenhouse: 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
Post Size: 3″ x 3″
Number of Boxes: 3

Soil Capacity

Planting Area: 16 sq ft. (1.5 sq m)
Soil Capacity: 28 cu ft (492.9 litres)

Greenhouse Instructions

Download Instructions
Download Instructions(SP)

What if there was a way to grow your own delicious vegetables, even if you have a very small yard?

And what if you could compost your kitchen waste directly into this garden so that your plants could immediately benefit from it as it breaks down?

And what if you could protect your garden with a 3-season polypropylene greenhouse so that you could start it earlier in the spring and extend it later into the fall?

Wouldn’t that be the perfect garden for you?