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4×7 Keyhole Herb Garden

$269.99 USD


What if there was a way to enjoy your beautiful raised garden, grow your own herbs and compost your kitchen waste, all in a pesticide-free environment?

Introducing the 4X7 Keyhole Herb garden.

The keyhole bed is almost 2′ high (great for those with a bad back or sore knees). The compost basket in the middle is designed to handle your kitchen waste, turn it into compost and nourish all three beds, fertilizer free!

Your two lower beds are for companion planting. Expert gardeners know that while pesticides can stay on your plants for longer than you wish, nature herself provides a way to prevent insects from attacking. As an example, the aroma of basil will confuse the pests that threaten your healthy tomato plants! As an added bonus, tomato will pick up the flavor of both basil and oregano when grown side by side!

The best news is that this is one garden whose boards you will never have to paint, stain or replace. It is guaranteed not to rot, warp, crack or turn yellow in the sun for twenty years!

Happy gardening!






Item Code: VT17121
Outside Footprint: 84″ x 48″ x 22.5″ (213 cm x 122 cm x 57 cm)
Material: Raised bed: food grade BPA-free, phthalate-free polymer.
Warranty: Raised bed: Will not rot, crack, warp or turn yellow in the sun for 20 years.
Post Size: 3″ x 3″
Number of Boxes: 1

Soil Capacity

Planting Area: 28.1 sq ft. (2.6 sq m)
Soil Capacity: 36.3 cu ft (1028 litres)

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