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Garden Genius

$139.99 USD
Sale Price: $74.99


With one gardening tool, you can:

  • Plant your seedlings earlier
  • Harvest your vegetables later in the season
  • Store your tools


Now that you have more control over unpredictable weather, you can finally enjoy your garden the way you always wanted to with the 3 season greenhouse.

To say this garden kit is pure Genius is an understatement! You probably already know all the benefits of a Vita raised garden (ideal soil, minimal weeds, 20 year warranty, modulability – and – Eureka!! Super fast assembly!) – but now extend your growing season like a ‘genius’ with the attachable Genius Greenhouse.

The Genius Greenhouse attachment is perfectly designed to absorb heat from the Sun, pushing the boundaries for year-round growing. It also fastens securely to your garden bed keeping your vegetables safe from wind and frost.

Adjustable vents, extra large doors and extra strong fabric offer a 5 year warranty. We even added convenient built-in pockets you can store your garden implements.

And if that wasn’t enough – the Genius liner we created is a dual-purpose liner can be used as a soil retainer on the bottom, or as a weed barrier on the top depending on your preference!


Item Code: VT17116
Outside Footprint: 48″ x 48″ x 48″ (122 cm x 122 cm x 152.4 cm)
Material: Raised bed: food grade BPA-free, phthalate-free polymer.
Warranty: Raised bed: Will not rot, crack, warp or turn yellow in the sun for 20 years. Greenhouse: 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
Post Size: 3″ x 3″
Number of Boxes: 1

Soil Capacity

Planting Area: 16 sq ft. (1.5 sq m)
Soil Capacity: 9.8 cu ft (277.5 litres)

Download Instructions

What if there was a way to grow your own delicious vegetables, even if you have a very small yard?

And what if you could protect your garden with a 3-season polypropylene greenhouse so that you could start it earlier in the spring and extend it later into the fall?

Wouldn’t that be the perfect garden for you?