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Independence Accessible Garden

$499.99 USD

The Independence Accessible Garden is designed as the perfect ‘personal raised garden’ for someone that wants to continue enjoying their green thumb, despite mobility restrictions. We customised it to receive a wheelchair and allow the user to garden from all three sides (at an increased height of 22″!)

Made from 20 year warranty food-grade polymer this is sure to withstand the test of time.


Item Code: VT17106
Outside Footprint: 42″ x 72″ x 22″ (107 cm x 183 cm x 56 cm)
Material: Food grade BPA-free, phthalate-free polymer
Warranty: 20 year warranty against rotting, fading, yellowing
Post Size: 3″ x 3″
Number of Boxes:2

Soil Capacity

Area: 18.5 sq ft (1.7 sq m)
Soil Capacity: 35.6 cu ft (1008 litres)

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Gardening = therapy. It lifts the weight from your shoulders and resets your perspective.

Providing the ability for ourselves or our loved ones to garden without limitations is a wonderful gift.  That’s why we created our line of Accessible Gardens.  We have loved ones that come alive in the garden.  It’s rejuvenating and great for the senses.  It provides those “aaaaaah” moments.

Everyone regardless of ability should have the opportunity to enjoy their time with their plants.