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Raised Garden

Grow more food in less area.

Raise your gardening expectations


Grow up to 25% more food in less area.


2x easier on your back.


98% weed-free gardening.

Dont Put Your Back Into It

A raised garden is higher in elevation, making gardening much easier on your back.

Overcome Bad Soil

A raised garden allows you to have complete soil control, rather than trying to amend an infertile property.

Herbicide Free

A raised garden is a natural barrier for sneaky weeds wanting to compete with your veggies. And by adding a thin layer of mulch you can naturally control weeds without herbicides.

Extend Your Growing Season

The soil in your Vita raised garden will warm quicker than the ground allowing for cool-season planting earlier.

Create Your Own Soil

Fill your Raised Garden with layers of compostable yard waste.

See the Vita soil recipe