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Rwandan Morning

We were picked up from the airport by Jean-Claude and Godfried (Aka JJ). Therese fellows were very helpful giving us a quick bus ride to the Guest House. 

From what we could see from the quick drive, Kigali is modern. It’s bustling. It’s active. There are head offices, successful business and a youthful nightlife of a few clubs, and stores where you can buy your essentials. 

Many large white smiles could be seen through the darkness on the sides of the street as we traveled to our first spot. 

Arriving late to the airport also made us late arriving at the guest house made us miss the early sunrise which sets around 6:30 pm. After 28 hours of no-sleep I thought I would sleep like a tank. Unfortunately my internal clock still needs to conform to the new surroundings.  

The guesthouse was much different than I had guessed. It’s situated in a more of an upper class environment which feels nice due to the fact that we have our personal items and a pile of expensive camera gear. It’s clean, tidy and extremely friendly. The staff is welcoming and amazing. One of the hired employees is a massive preying mantis that acts as a bouncer in between the common room to the outdoor patio. People choose whether they want to enter or exit with him sitting here. 

I had a rough sleep and missed the sunrise. But the morning revealed a misty city scape and the songs of exotic birds. All of the guys from the Austin team are awesome and we’re looking forward to a good day of orientation.