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Seed Sense

Advantages of participating in germinating your own seed  program for transplanting plugs are the varieties you can source from seed catalogues, or managing the satisfaction of seed saving as a sustainable practice.  A disadvantage of buying your  plants from a nursery is that most nurseries may only offer a selected variety and you would probably pay a premium for these varieties versus buying a package of seeds which is more cost effective and of course saving your seeds is more sustainable.


Our seed storage system provides our saved seeds with a cool and dry dedicated room and we usually store in a refrigerator in jars or sealed envelope packets which are labelled accordingly with the variety and date.  If we store seeds in jars, we add a paper towel to the jar to minimize and absorb any moisture that may develop.


Most of our vegetable seeds are heirloom and some vegetables and flowers are hybrid (often referred to as F1 generation). This means that a hybrid F1 is created by crossing two unlike parent plants. These two different parent plants are chosen for their traits of being disease resistant and for their colour, texture and size and some ornamental hybrids that substitute edible vegetation offering complimentary colours that will attract beneficial insects and pollinators to your garden. These varieties of hybrid companions inter-planted provide a physical barrier to block invaders and create diversity in your garden.


Saving hybrid seeds would not resemble the parent plant like saving a seed such as open pollinated which is true to its parent plant and also very productive, flavourful and vitamin enriched.


A successful saved open pollinated seed will evolve over time to increase its quality and diversity over the years, meaning it will be more disease resistant and heartier, becoming acclimatised to its environment every year you plant its offspring.
By keeping germination data records to measure and record past and future results, can be a successful and rewarding sustainable way to establish vegetation best suited for your climatic growing arena in and around your garden.