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Turn off the lights when you’re not using them!!

Turn off the lights…! (Going Solar).

I remember when a kid my dad always hollering at me ‘Turn off the lights when you’re not using them!’.  I used to always roll my eyes and proceed to turn them off.  Now that I’m a dad myself I have caught myself turning off my own house lights, scolding my kids the same way my dad did to me.  My kids roll their eyes as well.

It’s funny – things are more important to you especially when you are paying the bill.

My electricity bill has been consistently going up over the years.  I’m also more conscious of the fact of where my energy comes from and the means to produce it.  I have an in-ground swimming pool in my backyard – and between that and the air conditioner running, my summer electricity bills are very substantial.

I’ve decided to go solar to offset my electricity costs and to do my part in sustaining my family and my own household.  My roof is almost the ideal surface for a set of solar panels.  The deposit cheque is signed, and installation should happen sometime this March.

I will continually update the progress here.