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Zucchini Chips

The other day, I made zucchini chips.

They were wonderful, and delicious, and I’ve made them a few more times already. Zucchini chip recipes are fairly easy to find online. This is one of the one’s I used to direct me:




I’m not a great cook, but this recipe was very doable. The zucchini I used were picked from Vita’s garden, just outside our building.




It was hard to cut the zucchini into consistent sizes, but I wasn’t going for perfection, just deliciousness! I do find, however, that it’s better to cut them thin – it takes less time to bake, and the chips are crispier. Cutting them thin also makes them easier to burn, so beware!




Assembling zucchini slices into fun shapes is optional, but encouraged.




After cutting all the zucchini up, I realized that some slices were a little too thick. Additionally, I used too much oil because I was trying to get a good picture. The first time I made these, I used parmesan cheese as well. I decided not to add it this time, though, partly because we were running out of parmesan cheese.




I placed the oiled and salted zucchini slices on a pan, and added a little sea salt on top. Initially, I set the timer for 15 minutes and the temperature at 450 fahrenheit. Once the time was up, I took the pans out and removed any chips that looked done. I put the rest back in the oven, and repeated the pattern as many times as necessary.




And there you have it; the finished zucchini chips! I set out a bowl of sour cream to dip them in, but they tasted good on their own as well.


Happy cooking!