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Plant. Compost. Enjoy.

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Gardening is for everyone.

Growing food is one of the most fulfilling and therapeutic things we know. We're here to inspire sustainabilty and self-sufficiency.

Our Mission
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Beauty. Longevity. Safety.

Our materials are chosen to withstand the test of time. They are BPA-free and food-safe, perfect for growing food for you and your family.

Our Materials

We helped a downtown restaurant grow their own kale.

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You are the village

I read this article last week about how a man in Burlington, Iowa paid overdue lunch fees for 89 children. If you think these are isolated incidents, or new, you can read about many more here, here, and here. Arguably,…

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Making Tea

I made tea the other day, and it was straight from the garden. It was good! I had always imagined that you had to dry the leaves out before you could make tea, but I was pleasantly surprised to find…

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Dave’s Pollinators

The summer is coming to an end, and so is my time at Vita. It’s been great working here, and now I’m headed back to school for my third year! This also means that The Garden Buzz series is ending.…

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Zucchini Chips

The other day, I made zucchini chips. They were wonderful, and delicious, and I’ve made them a few more times already. Zucchini chip recipes are fairly easy to find online. This is one of the one’s I used to direct…

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