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Plant. Compost. Enjoy.

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Gardening is for everyone.

Growing food is one of the most fulfilling and therapeutic things we know. We're here to inspire sustainabilty and self-sufficiency.

Our Mission
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Beauty. Longevity. Safety.

Our materials are chosen to withstand the test of time. They are BPA-free and food-safe, perfect for growing food for you and your family.

Our Materials

We helped a downtown restaurant grow their own kale.

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From Our Blog

The Keyhole Garden

In the Spring of 2015, we launched what would later become one of our most successful product lines – the Keyhole Composting Gardens. The concept for the Keyhole Garden idea was discovered when researching various gardening techniques across the world.…

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Bring on the Summer

At Vita Gardens HQ we move with the seasons. When the sun begins to disappear, things begin to slow down around the office and warehouse. This is our strategy and planning time. As a team we take the off-season to…

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Almost like the blues

That Sunday at towards the end of the soccer game, I felt a light tap on my shoulder and turned to see a tall young man with soft wide set eyes. “Hello,” He extended his hand “i’m Eric.” I shook…

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