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8 Easy to Grow & Safe Flowers

To create beautiful front to back borders, Cosmos, Marigolds and Bachelor Buttons are not only easy seeds to save and grow but will frame a stepping structure towards taller plants.


Zinnias, Morning Glory, Holly Hocks and Sunflowers are also seeds that can be easily saved and grown – but will also lend itself to complete the composition of size, shape, texture and colour to your garden.


Cosmos, Marigolds and Bachelor Buttons are hearty annuals that will bloom all summer up until the first frost.  They provide colourful shorter height borders that attracts butterflies, bees and birds – all the beneficials that can help your garden thrive.


Zinnias a self seeding annual, can grow between 18” and 24” in height and probably is among one of the easiest flowers to grow and save.  They are closely related to the daisy family of Cosmos and Marigolds.


Morning Glory’s prefer to be direct sown and do not like to be transplanted. This vine climber can grow from 6′ – 15′ in height that produces a trumpet shaped flower that will bloom until the first frost.  Hummingbirds and butterflies love them!


Sunflowers can grow from 3′ – 15′ tall.  Often we use them as a support trellis for Morning Glories.  With the Sunflower’s brilliant yellow flower, it always blends well with purple varieties of Morning Glories as a complimentary colour pallet along with attracting beneficial insects throughout the season.


In the early fall, we will cut and place the dead seed head of the Sunflower and position them along fence lines in the fall and winter to offer a food source for local winter wild birds.


Holly Hocks, a tall perennial will bloom early to mid summer and will attract species of butterflies and hummingbirds.  These are also easy to save and grow.


These are some garden varieties of flowers to try and will create a wonderful look and ramp up plant diversity to support your own garden habitat.