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Bring on the Summer

At Vita Gardens HQ we move with the seasons. When the sun begins to disappear, things begin to slow down around the office and warehouse. This is our strategy and planning time. As a team we take the off-season to ask ourselves what will we do differently and better in the next year? What new and innovative products can we develop and bring to the market? How can we further improve our customer service experience? The whole team works together to find ways to work smarter and get better.

By the time spring rolls around we are ready and excited for another busy summer season.The phones start ringing in the office, we are sending teams all over the world to showcase our products and the warehouse is buzzing with life. We work best when all of our team, from downstairs in the warehouse to upstairs in the office see themselves as part of one family working together towards the same goals. And our business flourishes when everything we do is underpinned by passion and hard work and everyone has a seat at the table.

So bring on summer (and the sun)! We are ready to go!