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Canadian Hard Cider – Step 2 – Filling cider bucket

Now, fill your bucket with the balance of the cider.  Of course make sure the bucket is completely clean and has been sanitized.  Buy a food grate sanitizer from a local wine store to do this.

  • Add your honey to the cider if you want to increase the sugar content (which ultimately increases alcohol content).
  • After that is complete, and your starter has started to bubble, add everything to the primary fermentation bucket.
  • Then – wait for the magic of nature to happen.  The yeast will start eating the sugars in the cider, converting it to carbon dioxide and alcohol as biproducts.
  • Your bubbler will let the carbon dioxide escape while retaining the purity.  For the next 2 weeks, resist the temptation to open up the lid and have a look.  This could let unwanted oxygen and bacteria enter spoiling your hard work.
  •  2 weeks from now we should be close to having some delicious hard cider.

See you in 2 weeks!!


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