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Keyhole Garden

Compost and garden all in one.

A gardening technique borrowed from ingenious Africans


Uses up to 70% less water.


Reduces household waste by up to 35%.


Keyhole Gardens built in Africa.


Daily Composting

The Keyhole Garden has a special compost basket in the center. The Basket is where you can put your compostable daily kitchen scraps. As your kitchen scraps turn to compost, the nutrients feed the growing vegetables as a natural plant food and in turn reduce greenhouse gasses.

Grow More In Less Area

The Keyhole Garden allows you to grow foods in a tighter area. By planting vegetables in 12″ x 12″ (300 mm x 300 mm) mini plots in a circle (rather than rows like a regular garden). As the plants grow they will naturally form a canopy to help suppress moisture evaporation.

Tips for Training Plants

How Your Keyhole Garden Can Use Up To 70% Less Water

Asset 31

Watering your garden through the compost basket trains the vegetables to grow deep roots for drought resistance.

Asset 32

The tall raised bed discourages evaporation and water loss through the ground.

Asset 33

Planting more in a smaller area grows a natural canopy that helps your garden retain water.

It’s not uncommon to water your keyhole garden only twice a week!

Create Your Own Soil

Fill your Keyhole Garden with layers of compostable yard waste.

See the Vita soil recipe