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URBANA Raised Planter 18×18


Distinctive design and effortless functionality, the Urbana Raised Planter delivers a sophisticated aesthetic to any home, business or outdoor space. Ideal for growing vegetables or displaying decorative plants and flowers.  



  • Material: Unique blend of high-grade polymers (Vinyl) that are BPA and phthalate free so you can grow food safely and with confidence 
  • Color: Espresso Brown/Slate Grey 
  • Maintenance free: Easy to maintain and clean 
  • Indoor use: Product is not water tight. Plants should be potted, or the product paired with a liner to use in indoors spaces that cannot be subjected to water 
  • 10 year warranty 


  • Dimensions: 17″ L x 17″ W x 22″ H (43.18cm L x 43.18cm W x 56cm H) 
  • Weight: 12lbs (5kgs) 
  • Planting area: 1.8 sq. feet (0.7 sq. m)
  • Soil Capacity: 3.25 cubic feet (92 litres) 
  • Tools required: Yes. Assembly can be completed quickly with drill and Phillips head bit #2 
  • This product includes floor boards

Item Code: VT17510 (Espresso)
Item Code: VT17610 (Slate)

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Breaking New Ground 

A never before seen material that offers the natural look of wood, but with the lightweight durability of polymer. 

BPA/phthalate-free ensuring healthy, safe food production and a long product lifespan.  


Effortless Simplicity 

Simple to build and maintain, ensuring an effortless gardening experience. Assembly can be completed quickly, with minimal tools and labour.  


Creative Versatility  

Urbana Raised Planters can be used to grow vegetables or display decorative plants.