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Coming 2020

Introducing Urbana

After 2 years, 20 manufacturers and 400 prototypes, the most sophisticated, technically advanced and environmentally friendly range of garden beds have arrived.

Urbana combines distinctive design and effortless functionality, to deliver an unparalleled gardening experience in a home, apartment, business or garden.

Breaking new ground

Urbana is bringing to the market a never before seen composite material made from a special blend of ten different raw materials. This industry innovation allows us to create garden beds with the natural look of wood, but with the lightweight durability of PVC.

Beauty that’s sustainable

Our composite boards are a blend of BPA-free polymer and a recycled organic wood fiber, that are extruded and brushed to offer both a wood grain look and feel. This makes for healthy and safe food production and a long product life span with no maintenance.

Food at your finger-tips

Our garden beds are easy to build and simple to maintain, making growing your own food a pleasure and not a chore.